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Top Metros Where Millennials Are Moving

Millennials, according to SmartAsset’s 2023 study of U.S. Census data, are moving to the coasts, but not to the biggest cities. According to their definition of “millennial” as anyone between the ages of 25 and 44, SmartAsset determined that one in four millennials moved to a different city, many for work or cost of living concerns.

Where Millennials Are Moving

Cities are ranked by the rate at which people aged 25-44 who moved in in 2022, as a percentage of the total population.


1 Cambridge, Massachusetts 14.74% 17,275 37.74%
2 Santa Clara, California 13.26% 16,661 39.87%
3 Seattle, Washington 12.54% 93,302 41.15%
4 Sunnyvale, California 12.53% 18,862 39.70%
5 Denver, Colorado 12.11% 85,390 40.78%
6 Arlington, Virginia 11.54% 26,699 39.52%
7 Bellevue, Washington 11.31% 17,131 35.15%
8 Killeen, Texas 10.81% 16,853 34.96%
9 Austin, Texas 10.71% 103,461 40.42%
10 Sandy Springs, Georgia 10.49% 11,210 32.05%


Our Take

These cities may look a lot different, but they all have one thing in common: opportunity. These cities offer lower cost of living and a change of pace from the big cities, both attractive options for remote workers. Millennials’ preferences are changing too. More than half say it’s very important that the home they purchase has the potential for rental income. Be attentive to these trends and market yourself accordingly.

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