Have COVID amenities created a hassle for home sellers?

Covid has forever changed the housing market for better or worse, it has expedited the process of lots of young families living in large cities moving to the suburbs in search of more space and home offices. 

Working from home seems like it will be a lasting effect of covid and many people didn't have ample space for both spouses to work from home. Renovating any extra space or bedrooms into an office is a great idea for resale and should be left as is when putting the home on market. Buyers are looking for homes with one or even two home offices, this is because many believe the trend of working from home a few days a week is here to stay.

Many homeowners made adjustments during the pandemic that include family rooms and spare bedrooms that have been converted to offices, adding extra appliances like deep freezers, and buying up all the gym equipment in sight, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Those customized features are most likely selling points of the home for potential buyers and should be left in the home during the listing period. People want to see and feel how they would use the home on a day-to-day basis, not how it looks if it were in a Homes and Gardens magazine.

According to the Tribune, an April report by construction equipment firm Bid-on-Equipment said that 89 percent of homeowners have done some home improvement projects since early 2020 when Covid hit. In Illinois, homeowners’ top focus was bathroom renovations.

The data consistently shows that large home renovations such as adding an extra bedroom do not give home sellers a positive return, we always say less is more when preparing to list your home. Your taste may not be exactly what your homebuyer wants, save your money and let them do it to their own specifications! 
Here are a few of the best ways to fetch the highest price as a home seller in today's market. 

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